Well, here’s something exciting

One of the (thousands) of things that I let let slide when I’m writing is answering — and often reading — email.  Which is why I’m late to announce that Katharine Kimbriel — that’s K.E. Kimbriel to you — has re-released her stunning and long-out-of-print SF novel Fires of Nuala, as an ebook through Book View Cafe.

If you’re really patient, you can read the novel in serial, one chapter a week until it’s done, for free, but trust me, you’re not gonna be that patient, once you read the first chapter.  Here: read it now.

Kathi is also planning to re-release the other two Nuala books — Hidden Fires and Fire Sanctuary — as ebooks through Book View Cafe.  Look for Hidden Fires before the end of the year.

For those who have managed to miss the work of K.E. Kimbriel, Kathi’s Official Website is here

…and you can find her on Live Journal.

One thought on “Well, here’s something exciting”

  1. Already bought it. My paperback copies are in bad shape. And I believe she may be making notes for a new Nuala book. Here’s hoping!

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