Carousel Tides in electric

This just in!  Carousel Tides is available as a complete ebook from Baen Webscriptions (yes! you can read it on your Kindle!).  Check it out

One thought on “Carousel Tides in electric”

  1. Superb, just finished the Webscription. Had the half, and three-quarters previously. I think it is going onto my list of favorites.

    Got the first half of Agent Gambit as well, but I read the original novels on Webscriptions already. I have all your stuff that is available on Webscriptions, and am waiting with eager anticipation for Ghost Ship to come out. Will probably get the ARC when it becomes available.

    Really love the Theo Waitley books and would like to see more of perhaps Gem ser’Edreth and Jethri Gobelyn.

    Cheers, Michael

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