Book Launch Weekend!

Short form:  Carousel Tides has been sent off into the world in style, and!  I had a blast.

Photos follow.

We were on the top floor at the Sea View, and the views were spectacular:

from the Sea View top floor
Looking toward Cape Elizabeth

Room with a view two
Looking out to sea

Street View

The Galaxi and the Pier

As if this wasn’t enough fun, we had a party, too!

Carousel Tides Launch at Beggar's Ride

Carousel Tides Launch at Beggars Ride

Steve Miller, Leith ter'Meulen, Sharon Lee

We had folks come up to Old Orchard Beach from such far-flung places as Alabama, Virginia, Maryland (by proxy), New York, Massachusetts, and South Portland.  Jeanne at Beggar’s Ride was an elegant hostess, the buffet from Roma was to die for, I got to talk to a lot of people and signed bunches of books.

A success, by anyone’s accounting.

Home now, car unloaded, cats placated.  Tired.

Thanks again to everyone who took time to come to the party — and a blessed Samhain to all.

One thought on “Book Launch Weekend!”

  1. I finished Carousel Tides last night! It made for great reading and gave me a break from my sick children. Hope you had a great time at the launch party and glad to see Steve is out of the hospital.

    Best wishes to you from another fan from Alabama.
    Florence Bradley

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