About the Yule Chapbook

Dear Friends of Liad.

As some of you know, Steve has been in the hospital since Sunday evening with pneumonia.  While the doctors were doing their various things, it was also discovered that his heart muscle is. . .weak, which we’ll be dealing with after the pneumonia has been run out of town.  The current situation is that Steve must maintain a normal-within-tolerances temperature for X readings in a row before the hospital will release him to home and rest.  I hope to spring him tomorrow; Friday at the very latest.

The above means that there will not — that’s NOT — be a Yule chapbook this year.  I had said “perhaps there won’t be a Yule chapbook” in another venue — possibly over in the Bar? — and I want to now make this definitive.  We apologize, and are sorry to break with tradition.  We do each have a story that we were planning to write, and hope to do a Liaden Universe® chapbook early in 2011, but for the moment our lives are about divesting ourselves of as much stress as possible, and getting some room to breathe.

Speaking to that, those who shop the SRM internet store will note that orders are not being accepted at this time.  Orders placed before we turned the store off are going to be indefinitely delayed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please feel free to share this.

Edited to add: In answer to a question posed in email (because if one person is thinking it, others are):  Yes! the Carousel Tides book launch is on as scheduled.

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