One of those days

Before I forget — Mouse and Dragon debuts at Number 10 on Locus Magazine’s Bestsellers for July, appearing in the September issue.

And there was much rejoicing!

* * *

It was still hot in the day-job’s attic office today.  I don’t mean to complain, but 89F/32C and not a breath of air, despite the best efforts of the poor little desk fan?  Is too hot to work.  I did try to stay all day, but — no go.  At least the work’s all caught up.

On the way home from the day-job, I stopped at the ticketing office of the Waterville Opera House, which is bewilderingly not in the Opera House at all, but ‘way, ‘way up in the eaves of the Sterns Center, to pick up our tickets for Great Big Sea on September 14.  Now that I have them safely in hand, I feel a good deal better, and really looking forward to the show.

That mission accomplished, I motored out to the eyeglass place to pick up my eyeglasses — which still weren’t in.  The first time they came in, they failed the quality check, but they were Absolutely due in today.  Argh*.

On my way home, the sign at the CVS caught my eye:  FLU SHOTS NOW!  I figured I could get that out of the way, at least, and pulled in.  Inside, there are signs all over the place telling me that there are FLU SHOTS NOW, but nothing telling me which department to go to.

Assuming the pharmacy was my destination, I arrived to find even more signs declaring FLU SHOTS NOW, but no sign that said, oh, Register Here.  So I went to the cashier, who looked at me crankily and said that I had to register at the drop-off window.  Fair enough.  I took myself over to the drop-off window and when my turn came said to the young woman behind the counter that they needed a sign, so people would know where to register.  She smiled, like one smiles at dotty old ladies, and pulled up her computer.

“Now!” she said brightly, “When would you like to schedule your appointment?”

“I’m a walk-in.”  I point to the paper taped to her counter, promising that I could either make an appointment or walk-in.  “I’d like my shot now.”

“Today isn’t a walk-in day,” she told me.

I took a deep breath.  “I have,” I said, “a besetting sin.  I read signs. Worse, I believe them.  And so, when I saw the sign out in front of your store that said FLU SHOTS NOW, I somehow assumed that meant that there were flu shots available in this store NOW.”

“No, you have to make an appointment.  Or, if you prefer to walk-in,” she said helpfully, “I can look up the next walk-in date for you.”

“Or,” I said, finding yet another sign, this one half hidden behind a display of traveling pill bottles, “I see here that I can schedule myself online.  Which, now that I know about it, I’m perfectly happy to do.”

Whereupon, I turned around and left.

I fear that I am becoming a termagant.


*And!  They did arrive today, did the eyeglasses — at 5:30.  A trip into town is on tomorrow’s schedule.

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