Wrappin’ up the day

Hexapuma celebrated his birthday by napping, falling out of the top of the bedroom closet, and napping some more.  He directs me to thank all of his fans for their good wishes on his birthday, and plans to have another one, tomorrow.

I apparently mis-added last night’s wordage somehow, so I’m not quite as far along as I thought I was yesterday.  For a brief, heady moment there, I thought I’d broken 80K today.  Alas, that is for tomorrow.

Hereabouts, it didn’t rain for most of the day, then did, unsatisfactorily.  We could use a real soaker, here, Rain Gods.  Just sayin’

Progress on Ghost Ship (no, really):

79,238 words/100,000 OR 79.24% completed

She sighed and used her chin to point at his hands, that he was still rubbing with the rag.

“Have you decided if you’re going to shoot me?”

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