The Glamor!

We have met the laundry and it is vast.  Less vast than it was, granted, but vast nonetheless.  We’ll have at it again tomorrow.

I’ve taken to writing on The Leewit standing by the bookshelf in my office that overlooks the side wilderness.  The bookshelf is just the right height for typing, as it happens, and I don’t tend to fall into InstaNap(tm) when I’m standing up.

Mozart was in for awhile, helping me write by stretching out on the windowsill between The Leewit and the Actual Window.  Then he decided to Be Adorable and play with the mouse, then he wanted to pwn the keyboard.  These attempted takeovers were thwarted, whereupon, he took over the desk chair, which was fine; I wasn’t using it anyway.

Oh, and before I forget — Ram Island Light is for sale.  There’s only one bid so far — for a mere $10,000.

Steve’s home, did I say that?

Progress on Ghost Ship:

66,571 words/100,000 OR 66.57% completed

Oh, hey!  How many people would come to a book launch party in Old Orchard Beach, Maine in October?  No promises; just trying to get a sense of the crowd.

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