Sunday, you say?

Lots of exciting things happened today, but almost all of them in Ghost Ship land, which really leaves me not much to talk about.  The Leewit’s new battery worked all day, chomping down over 4,000 words and still has 64% power left, which I call impressive.  The next test is to run it with the wifi on and see how many hours of life we have.

And!  Lest I forget — tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of Hexapuma’s birth.  I trust that you will celebrate appropriately.

Progress on Ghost Ship:

79,494 words/100,000 OR 79.49% completed


317 pages/400

. . .yeah, this is going to take more than 100,000 words, but! Since I have no clue how much more, we’ll just keep the clock set like it has been and run overage when the time comes.

Ghod, I’m glad this writing thing is a Science.

One thought on “Sunday, you say?”

  1. Wish Hexapuma a Happy Birthday from Me, Gus, and the other 3 of the naughty furry Gang of 4.

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