Contest! Google Needs a New Corporate Motto

Google’s corporate motto for many years has been “Don’t Be Evil.”  And for a while, it/they seemed to be trying to live up to that high standard.

They fought for net neutrality, they fought for Access for All, they went head-to-head with the Big Blue Smurf.  Yay, Google.  My hero.

Then, Google decided that they had a Destiny.  And their Destiny included Preserving and Making Available Everything Ever Written that could still be scanned, regardless of who owned it.  Boo, Google.  No biscuit from this author.

Then, Google decided that, yanno?  Net neutrality?  Allowing everyone equal access to the internet?  So Last Century.  The wave of the future was — of course! — a Tier System, where Big Business, which after all is the future — see BP and the Big Hole in the Ocean Floor — would have access to the Very Best Butter Bandwidth, and the rest of us schmucks — who are after all schmucks and only use the internet to post cat pictures and flame each other — can get by with a lower grade of access.

Read all about it:  here, here, here

Working assets is having a conniption over here.  You can sign their petition to the FCC, if you’re so minded.

So — what should Google’s new motto be?

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