Boring old day

Did chores.  Tidied up some.  Did last tweaks to Carousel Tides proofs with an eye toward getting them in the mail tomorrow.  Scrubbled cats.  Talked to Steve on IM. Washed the winter jackets!  Wrote.  Stared at nothing.  Wrote some more.  Done writing for the day, and wondering if it’s too late to make a grilled cheese sammich.

Hope your day was more exciting.

Progress on Ghost Ship:

63,059 words/100,000 OR 63.06% complete

One thought on “Boring old day”

  1. “Scrubbled cats” – ?? Please elucidate! And I’d love to know more about Mozart and Hexapuma (maybe point me to other blog entries? Is Hexapuma polydactyl, perhaps?) as I am a cat (and dog) lover, as well as a Liaden fan.

    Speaking of being a fan, let me just say your Liaden stories have totally enthralled me! I reread them every so often, and recommend them as often as possible. I first found your and Steve’s work when I picked up a copy of “Parters in Necessity” at a bookstore, and immediately upon finishing, started hunting up your other works. One friend I referred complained that she’d rather have read “Local Custom” and “Scout’s Progress” before the Agent of Change sequence, if she had only known certain characters were going to die tragically – just a thought, when you recommend what order a newcomer might want to consider. However, I think that in the end, each book amplifies the others, especially upon rereading, so, oh well!

    I recently completed “Saltation” and “Mouse and Dragon”, and am eagerly awaiting “Ghost Ship” – Best wishes for your continued success!

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