The writer, not exactly goofing off

So, I haven’t been around the blogs much, a trend that will probably continue,what with one thing and a lagging book.  Still behind on the email.  I love y’all, though.

Steve has been doing the work of four good men; meaning there are many autographed Saltations in the sky, on  the road, and, reportedly, in the hands of the folks who supported the writing of the project. Signing the books reminded us of how much we owe you guys, and we thank you again, deeply.

I still do worry about the folks on the Lost List.  Take a second to look at the list, especially if you’re in the US and haven’t received your book.  If you see your name, please don’t assume that I’ll cross-check you against the SRM database and thus discover your whereabouts.   Be proactive!  If you see a friend’s name on the list, give ’em a nudge, why not?  My goal is to get a book into the hands of everyone who was kind enough to subscribe.

The last week included an emergency run for Argent the Forester to the Subaru Repair Shop, where he emerged willing, and now able, to drive Steve to NASFiC in a couple weeks.

The day-job continues to be Entirely Too Stressful.  I blame the heat.  And administrative boneheadedness.

This evening, Steve and I are scheduled to read, and he, as a Trustee, to act as host, at the Winslow Public Library’s 100th Year Anniversary Party, which will be lots of fun.

The Expanding Universe contest has 326 entries so far.  Have you entered?  Have you blogged?  Have you pointed a friend to the contest?  Time’s running out for all of those things; the contest deadline is midnight EDT today, Friday, July 16.

Today, late as it starts will be an on-the-sofa-with-the Leewit-day.  Hope everyone has a stress-free Friday!

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