And the winners are. . .

Steve and I solicited the help of our local independent bookseller, Ellen Richmond, owner-operator of the Children’s Book Cellar in Waterville, Maine, to draw the names of the thirty-six winners of the ebook edition of The Dragon Variation, containing Liaden Universe® novels Local Custom, Scout’s Progress, and Conflict of Honors.

Here’s a picture of Ellen, showing off the entries, just before she gets down to the tough job:

Ellen Richmond of Children's Book Cellar, Waterville ME
Ellen Richmond and the Contestant Pool, photo by Steve Miller

Here are the results of her labors; the thirty-six winners:

David Kroll

Tom Knapik

Adora Hoose


Brent Chivers

Mark Yon   webpage

Michael Cummings  webpage

Al MacDiarmid

Liz U

Ivy Truitt

Mervi   webpage


Eric Francis

Sean Holland


Paul Prior

Shannon Lewis  webpage

A.W. Ford

Tili S.

Shawn Gray



Samantha Brandt


Moira Young  webpage



Laurie Green  website

Debby Reagan


Bill Fisk

Monika H.


Angie Penrose  website

Alex Fayle  website

John Ridley

* * *

After Ellen went to the back to soak her wrists, we called on local artist and framemaker Amy Cyrway to draw the blogger winner.  Here she is, caught in mid-deed:

Artist Amy Cyrway draws blogger winner
Artist Amy Cyrway draws the winning blogger, photo by Steve Miller

The fruit of her labor is:  Lissa Davies!

* * *

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the contest, and to all the news sites, bloggers, individual readers, and friends of the Liaden Universe® who helped to boost the signal!

Special thanks to Baen Books publisher Toni Weisskopf, Heather Massey at The Galaxy Express, long-time Friend of Liad Mike Barker, Ellen Richmond, Amy Cryway, and Bill Taylor!

This was fun!  Let’s do it again sometime!

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

July 19, 2010,  edited to Add: Individual emails were sent to all winners at the email address they provided on their entry.  If you have not received that email, or if the email address you provided in your entry is one that you don’t ever check, please write to me at sharonleeATkorvalDOTcom (where The Usual replace AT and DOT) to claim your prize.  Thanks.

Sharon Lee

8 thoughts on “And the winners are. . .”

  1. Hmmm…

    “It is the responsibility of the winners to contact Sharon Lee according to the instructions given with the winner’s list.”





  2. …and here I wrote to all the winners individually on Saturday before I posted the winners list. If your email didn’t make it to your inbox, please write to me at sharonleeATkorvalDOTcom.

  3. A tale of warning to anyone who shares an email address with a beloved significant other…

    If you enter a contest, and you expect to hear the results via email, warn your beloved spouse not to delete incoming email for a day or two!


  4. Yeah, for all the winners — those who got books, and the ones who just found out that there are books out there to be read! I am so glad that this worked out well. As someone wrote, “The clan increases…”

  5. As one of the winners, I’d like to thank you again for the opportunity provided me to jump in to this universe. I very quickly read the omnibus, and as I do not just now have the money to buy more I sent my husband to the library. He brought me Fledgling, Crystal Soldier, and Crystal Dragon (and The Tomorrow Log, which appears not to be in the Liaden Universe but sounds good too).

    The only sad thing about reading the books so quickly as I am doing is that eventually I will run out!

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