The Last Out of the Nest Fledgling Sale

What could be more exciting than a cleaning out the closet sale?

…frankly, not much.  I have a damned impressive closet; its depths surprise even me.

However! Running a very close second is a sale to clear the decks at SRM Galactic Headquarters in preparation of the Grand Signing and Mailing of…


As of this typing, we have at Headquarters five cases — about one hundred copies — of the first hardcover printing of Fledgling.  We believe that all subscribers have received their books.  (If you feel that you ought to have received a book, and didn’t, write to me NOW at fledgling AT korval dot com.  I’m not kidding.)  These hundred books therefore constitute overstock and they’re taking up valuable and much-needed floor space.

We are therefore and immediately declaring open season on Fledgling!

Here are the rules:

1.  If you would like to purchase a hardcover of Fledgling signed by the authors (no personalizations; I’m sorry), please do one of the following

a.  PayPal  $32* to fledgling AT korval dot com making sure that your shipping address is correct

Edited to Add:  If you live outside of the United States, please write to me.  The postage will be higher.  We will honor the single order already received because I forgot.

b. Write to me at fledgling AT korval dot com, telling me that you are putting a check or money order for $32* in US funds only in the mail to Sharon Lee, PO Box 707, Waterville ME  04903-0707.  Remember to include your shipping address.

2.  Sales are first come, first served.  The sale is over when all the Fledglings have found homes.

3.  We will do fulfillment after we return to Maine from Duckon — that is, after June 23, coincidentally Science Fiction Writers Day!

4.  Questions to fledgling AT korval dot com, please

Take off!

Thank you for your attention.


*this price reflects the absurd increase in postage, as well as the cost of boxes and other shipping materials

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