Mouse and Dragon: Tweets for the Tweetless Day Two

Day Two of Mouse and Dragon Snipathon! Watch the skies.

Aelliana: If you will cast blame, Balance, and doom, then I am your proper target, ma’am! Daav did only as he ought!

Daav: My sister sees a hundred-year scandal in a teacup misaligned in a formal setting. You must not take Kareen too seriously, Aelliana.

Aelliana: Daav. What else have the Healer’s done?

Daav: We are a broken set, van’chela. I could wish your brother still alive, that I might thank him fitly for his care of you.

Aelliana: If you will be Anne, then I will be Aelliana. I hope I have not disrupted your whole day.

Daav: You may not defame my lady or call her craven! She pressed on and did was was needful, with courage and generosity.

* * *

The above are snippets for Tuesday, May 18, 2010.  Snippeting resumes tomorrow, via Twitter from BaenBooks and ClanKorval, at the Same Early Hour(tm).  Please join us then.

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