Mouse and Dragon: Tweets for the Tweetless Day One

Mouse and Dragon, the long-awaited sequel to Lee & Miller’s beloved Scout’s Progress hits stores June 1 from Baen Books. Snippets follow.

Daav: I am her copilot in a hostile port. Her brother did his utmost to murder her, and nothing to his credit, that he failed. If he failed.

Aelliana: But. . .Am I damaged?

Daav: She was his destined lifemate. They were to have shared…everything. She had been hurt, grievously, and no one called to aid her.

Aelliana: The door opened. I knew it was Daav before I turned, and nothing more natural than to walk into his arms.

Daav: “Your pardon, Pilot. It will not happen again.” Aelliana shook back her hair. “Now THAT was not the correct answer.”

Aelliana: If it must be said before Korval to be true, then I say that I wish, very much, to come under Korval’s care.

* * *

The above are the snippets for Monday, May 17, 2010.  Snippeting resumes tomorrow at a Really Unfortunate Hour.  Please join us then.

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