Was a sunny day

…and a warm one.  Suddenly!  It’s summer, forget about spring.  My daffodils are ready to burst forth in song and it’s only April 3.

This morning’s adventures included a trip to the local hospital’s women’s health fair, which was pleasant, and informative, and left me with a burning desire to learn to dance Zumba.  Unfortunately, it happens that there is a Zumba class taught at the Blue Wave Studio right in downtown Waterville on Thursday evenings.  This could be bad. I can only hope that tuition costs the earth.

I happened to be at the Senior Spectrum table, looking at their display Wii when I heard the woman behind the counter tell a prospective client about the range of activities open to Senior Spectrum members, including trips, and talks by experts, including Maine Authors.  When the spiel was done and the customer gone, I stepped up and offered a card — “My name is Sharon Lee and I’m a Maine Author” —  leading to much laughter.  P’rhaps a gig will come of it.

Back home, I dealt with lunch and retired to the corner of the couch with The Leewit to get some writing done.  What I’m doing right now is writing the bits I know, which means that I have medium-to-large chunks of stuff that has to happen, story-wise.  This will enable me to figure out what needs to happen, plot-wise, since transitions will have to be built to all of these scenes.  So, progress, in a sort-of sideways direction.

Tomorrow is more writing, interleaved with laundry.  Monday, Steve is wanted early at the hospital for outpatient surgery, and I’m his designated driver.

The fun, it never stops.

Hope you — yes, you! — are having a lovely and relaxing weekend, wherever you are.

For those keeping score at home, progress on Ghost Ship is 40,007 out of a projected 100,000 words — about 40% done.

Maybe I’ll figure out how to make the little progress meter work in WordPress some other day.


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