Um, Wednesday?

Last night I came home and unshipped the vacuum cleaner for some Serious Rug Cleaning, after which I Fully Intended to Write.


I wound up taking the Dyson apart three times before I got all the clogged up stuff unclogged and the rugs passably clean, by which time Steve had come home, fried, I was a nervous wreck, and we looked at each other and said at exactly the same time, “Glass of wine and some Paladin?”

So, that’s what we did.

Today, the day-job was slightly less frenetic than it has been.  I think I’m getting to the end of the fiddly little bits, thank ghod.

Unfortunately, just when I was ready to label it a Good Enough Day, one of my bosses decided she wanted to host a reception and called to dictate the list of food and drink she wanted served.  I read the list back to her, got an ack,  reserved the room and made the arrangements with Catering.  After which, my boss revised the list, not once, but twice.

I think I’m gonna institute a minimum three-hour cooling off period for this particular boss before I do anything she tells me to do, so she has time to dither, second-guess, and renege, and I don’t have to make extra work for myself and other folks on campus.

Steve and I have a speaking gig tonight; leaving in about an hour.

I’m seeing some reports of Saltation sightings, deliveries, reads, and in one case at least, a re-read!  Wow, you guys are fast.

We haven’t yet received our shipment of pre-orders, but — soon.


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