Roll down the window and let the wind blow through your hair

Ghod, what a terrible day.  The problem with being gone a day from the day-job is that the email stacks up and then I’ve got a dozen people needing something right now. Even if everyone is being Perfectly Polite, which the majority were, the sensation is too very much like being stuck in a crowded party where everybody is yelling to be heard over their neighbor, and all you (or at least, I) want to do is get out and find a quiet corner.


I didn’t kill anybody; I didn’t cry in public; and I didn’t quit.

Guess that counts as a victory.

Brief stop at the grocery store, then home.  Steve was watching anime — he told me which one, but I forgot.  I retired to my room and did not do anything of the serious tasks that need doing for the closing out of SRM’s fiscal year.  Instead, I opened up my file and wrote a few words — just some conversation, that’s all.

I feel better now.

Time to go into the kitchen and wash me some dishes.

Progress on Ghost Ship:

42,254 words, not-necessarily-in-order, for about 42.25% done

Nope, still haven’t figured out how to make the progress meter display properly in WordPress.

Everybody have a good evening.

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