The Blog With No Name

I have, since March 2004, maintained a weblog (that’s the formal for “blog,” lest we forget.  Also, “url,” which so many of us either pronounce as a single word, or as “you-ar-el”?  is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator.  No, really, look it up.)

In any case, since 2004, I’ve been blogging at a nice little corner of Live Journal called “Eagles Over the Kennebec.”  I called it that because I live near the Kennebec River in Maine and one of the things that got me through a particularly bad summer was going down to the town park, lying on my back and staring up into the Maine-blue sky, watching the eagles gyre and play.  Remarkably soothing, not to say restorative — if you ever get the chance, try it.  You’ll never be the same.

In any case, having taken the decision to move out into the Wider Web and get a whole website all to myself, I also decided to migrate my blog.  I’m sorry about that for a bunch of reasons — and because “Eagles over the Kennebec,” doesn’t exactly fit with the theme of news from a wider universe than Maine.

For the moment, then, this place is just going to be called “Blog.”  It seems impersonal, but I mean no unkindness.  Maybe, after I’ve gotten to know it, a name will suggest itself.  It’s happened before.

Eventually, I hope, I’ll figure out how to link this blog — this Blog? — to Eagles, so that when I update here, things will automagically update there.

For now, I’ve done enough learning-by-doing  for one day; it’s time to get off of this infernal machine and relax.

7 thoughts on “The Blog With No Name”

  1. Hey, bold move! Are you putting aside Rolanni as well? I am sure your new site will develop its own character just as the old one did. Keep the cats involved!

  2. Hi, Alastair.

    Rolanni is by this point a nickname I’ve had for more than 20 years, so not likely to let it go entirely. And of course! we’ll keep the cats involved! There’s no way to exclude them.

  3. This post showed up on LJ just fine. But we can’t leave comments on it. *sigh* Guess I’ll read there and come here to comment. Life always gets more complicated. Now I’ll Look around while I’m here.

  4. How did an icon (and that particular icon) automatically show up with my name? Is this website “affiliated” or somehow connected to google? Or another group. I have that icon connected to my google/gmail account and my twitter account. Is google your webhost?

  5. Antti-Juhani:
    Thanks. I completely forgotten that I had signed up at Gravatar. I’m sure I heard about it, registered and then promptly forgot about it. Mystery cleared up.

  6. Actually, that’s “Earl”, down at the post office. Earl knows everyone’s name, but can’t remember addresses worth a damn. Fortunately, he’s in good with Denise, who runs the phone exchange. She looks up the address and connects you to the right place on the web.

    Earl spells phonetically, which is why you have to write it “Url” and “Dns”.

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