Housekeeping Note: In Which This Site Will Be Twilit

Because I know some of y’all worry when the blog doesn’t update regularly. . .

I will not be updating this blog — or any blog, actually — for. . .a while.

The reasons for this are several.  One is that, of course, we’re deep in the end game for Accepting the Lance, which is due, no excuses, by the end of January.  By itself, as you and I both know from experience, this would be enough to limit updates.  I’m lead on Lance, and being the end of several story arcs, as it is, it’s being, ahem, a little difficult to bring in.

In addition to this, a small mountain of family crises has landed in my lap.  As it turns out certain obligations fall to the last surviving child of a parent — and that would be me.  You will remember that my sister died earlier this month, very suddenly, leaving things with regard to our father’s care. . .a little awry, but recoverable, or so I imagine her thoughts went, had she recovered.  She did not, and in the aftermath of her departure, documents which really ought to have been kept. . .weren’t.

I have therefore inherited said small mountain, which includes people demanding payments, and other people denying me access to accounts, until I can prove X,Y,Z.  Needless to say, the folks who want their money are a lot less particular about what I can prove than the folks who are holding the checks.

To sum up: I am simultaneously embarked on two life-devouring projects, which means “extras,” like updating this blog, will have to go on hold.

Steve will be updating Welcome to Liad with writing, professional, and appearance news (yes, we do still plan — very much — on attending Boskone in February).  He also plans to resume the story hours on Patreon.  He has begun writing the next Liaden book, which he tells me will be a Jethri book, the sequel to Trade Secret.

. . .and here ends my tale.

Everybody stay safe, right?  And may the incoming year bring joy and success to us all.


19 thoughts on “Housekeeping Note: In Which This Site Will Be Twilit”

  1. Sounds like a pretty difficult time in both positive and negative directions. And may the money people get over themselves quickly so that you can move on. Personally I’m hoping for 2019 to provoke less swearing from me.

  2. Oh wow! A sequel to Trade secret sounds wonderful!

    I certainly sympathize with the paperwork. I’m an only child, married to an only child. For a few years it seemed that dealing with stuff was all I did.

  3. What a difficult situation. I’m hoping people start being more helpful in this process. This is the first time for you but theoretically this shouldn’t be the first time for them to deal with people contending with a sudden change in circumstance.

    Looking forward to the book and your return!

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how unhelpful people are when someone dies unexpectedly. It’s as if it never occurs to them that this will be them, someday, and setting things up so they work for those who are grieving while dealing with unexpected logistics will be a thing they will value greatly when their time comes.

    When my MIL had a massive heart attack the night before we were booked on a very expensive trip, the airline was annoying and the other vendor involved bent over backwards to help us out. Guess which airline we have never flown since, and which vendor has received many thousands of dollars of business from us since? And that was just a vacation.

    We changed banks after my mom died because her bank was helpful and ours wasn’t. Basically, a bank lost a thirty year relationship because they refused to treat us like good customers with a completely understandable problem. The new bank reaped the reward from having two employees in two different branches who said, basically, we’re so sorry for your loss, this must be a hard time, how can we make it easier?

    Also, yay for another Trade Secret book!

  5. I’m finding some similar problems in transiting financial stuff now that my husband has developed late-onset Alzheimer’s. Thank you for keeping us in the loop – yes, I was getting concerned that you hadn’t posted lately. Here’s wishing you a huge box of spoons to use as needed! Hugs.

  6. I’m sorry for your loss and its ongoing consequences. Here’s wishing you a smooth path to resolution, and may you readily achieve a sound vantage from which to declare it wasn’t that bad.

  7. Sorry for the loss of sister and paperwork.
    Deep breaths while on long holds and while dealing with exasperating circumstances and people.
    Thanks for the thought of a novel about Jethri and his era.

  8. You will be missed as you all (cats included) are a wonderful part of my online life. I truly hate it when reality intrudes on a perfectly comfortable series of life connections. May life’s blessings continue to support you both in the time you are away!

  9. There is that John Lennon lyric:

    Life Is What Happens
    When you’re making other plans

    And isn’t that the truth.

    A Jethri novel is something to look forward to, as is the case with all your various writings.

    Wishing you a happy new year and a speedy resolution to all that life is assailing you with at this time.

  10. As if life isn’t hard enough!

    my wife’s parents both passed a few years ago within 90 days of each other They had their little ducklings all in a nice row so there were few problems, but one financial institution didn’t want to turn loose of some investment money. After months of going round and round with them, the family hired a lawyer who got the gears un-jammed real quick. 🙂

    Here’s hoping that Lance will turn cooperative Real Soon Now so you will have at least a couple hours of shut-eye in the coming months!

    And, another Jethri book sounds good. Master Trader Jethri? Head of clan? Whatever, I’m sure it will be good.

    thanks for all the stories!

  11. My sympathies on your loss and on all the paperwork. My father died in 2016 and it was hard with all 4 of us children working on it. We never have gotten some of his money back as the bank refuses to let go of it. We’re waiting for it to go back to the state as unclaimed money so we can claim it. It’s not much so not worth paying a lawyer, but it’s the principle. Good luck and I wish you lots of patience!
    I look forward to the new Jethri novel!

  12. Much empathetic sympathy. I lost my last sibling a few months ago but our parents are long gone and most of the dealing with post-death hassles while grieving falls to her children. None of it is easy. Virtual hugs.

  13. Those of us who’ve gone toe to toe with estate and probate concerns will be with you in spirit, Sharon. We all wish there were more substantial ways we could help.

  14. Look over Nolo Press publications–they produce will making software and lots of bargain legal advice. I doubt that they can magically produce a power of attorney that was never written, but might provide helpful context for the situation you’re in now. They also have a list of lawyers. . .

  15. Sounds to me like a man of business is in order. Pricey, I know, but worth it if you don’t enjoy the fray. Also turning the creditors loose on the bank can have the effect of causing the bank to iron things out. it’s just a question of introducing an irritant strong enough to cause movement.

  16. I hope you find some time for R&R in the midst of all of this. I had a similar paperwork problem when my husband died unexpected. And he didn’t even have a complicated financial situation. But you bet I remember the companies that made things more difficult, and which offered to help, even 18 years later!

  17. Waiting with baited breath…how does one bait breath, anyways? Argh…”…with bated breath”. Glad I finally got that cleared up. Ok, also toe-tapping, pacing around the room, reading lesser material, considering stress eating, gritting teeth. Binge-watching Baen’s eARC list while not much liking their website’s look/feel…

    Sorry, just had to be said…:-)

    Hope things are going well for you. Cheers, Bob

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