Mother told me, yes, she told me, I’d meet girls like you

So, of course Monday was Belle’s birthday.  Her eighth birthday, so you see that she is, indeed, a Cat of Substance.  Festivities were scheduled, and everyone made merry, but not too merry, as it would have been a terrible thing indeed to wake the Birthday Girl.

The new remote starter has been installed in the car, and has already been useful, so that.

And!  Steve and I have discovered that Fifth of Five is rather more broken than we had thought, which would be why it just lies there, like a unrisen lump of dough, no matter how much we poke at it.  And this means that — we need to start over.  This is not a step that we take lightly, and it’s certainly not the news I wanted to take to Madame, but sometimes, there are no fixes.  So, we’re taking a small breather, and wading in again.

In other news, Maine is melting.  It was 60 degrees today, on February 21, and the streets ran with mud.  Tomorrow, it will be cooler, and again on Friday, with the difference being that Friday, it will rain.

I think winter may be over.

Here’s a photo from Belle’s Birthday Festivities:

Today’s blog post title brought to you by Cheap Trick, “Surrender.”  Here’s your link.


6 thoughts on “Mother told me, yes, she told me, I’d meet girls like you”

  1. No, no, winter is not over. It’s taking a short rest and building up strength for a really impressive March. Heh.

  2. Hopefully something of the current 5th of Five will be salvageable. I am sorry to hear it is being troublesome. I had been hoping to see an ARC at Baen soon. Ah well. A wonderful story is worth the wait!

    Uhm…will we maybe find out what happened the Professor Kiladi, Kamele, and Theo’s cats? Are the to remain stranded on Delgado parentless? And will we find out what has happened to Fasholt and her daughters/family? Of course, I am dying to know about the Edger emergency.

    Happy Birthday to Belle!

  3. The weather signs are starting to indicate that we may have a rather cold and snowy March in New England – too bad, I was hoping for an early spring, too! Now I’m going to lay in stock for soups, stews, and breads. Even though we live in an urban area and have lots of nearby stores, I hate shopping when everyone is in “bread and milk” snow panic mode.

    There’s a forecaster who does stuff in both Boston and Maine, and his blogs and articles usually explain things in clear language. If forecast is uncertain, he will say so – and why. You might find him a useful follow on twitter. Here’s a link to his tweet from this morning where he warns about the changing weather pattern –

    I am getting very tired of winter.

  4. Oh, I love David Epstein. Weather Wisdom is my very favorite weather man and I make everybody I know read him. Given where I live, I follow the Boston bits more closely.

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