The Uncle is now accepting preorders for signed copies. . .

. . .of Alliance of Equals, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

You guys all remember the drill from last time, right? Abridged edition follows, for those with short memories:

A.  If you want your book personalized*, you must write the personalization EXACTLY as you want it to appear in your book.  Remember to check your spelling.

A.1.  The authors reserve the right to refuse to inscribe a book with any personalization that Offendeth Them.  This is solely at the discretion of the authors, and there is no appeal.

B.  If you only want your book signed, then you need do nothing but order a signed edition at the link below.

C.  Uncle Hugo’s does not charge your credit card until your book is packed and ready to ship.

D.  Be Aware of the Deadline:  If you want your book personalized*, then you must preorder by June 1, 2016.



*Personalized means that the authors write something you personally request them to write in your book, in addition to their names.  This is anything in addition to their names, including, but not limited to your name, the date, pithy quote, or gift note to a friend.

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