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Books By Arc

Space Regencies (for fans of Georgette Heyer):  Local Custom, Scout’s Progress, Mouse and Dragon. Joins the Theo Waitley arc in Fledgling

Agent of Change (action adventure):  Agent of Change, Carpe Diem, Plan B, I Dare

Theo Waitley (coming of age as a pilot): Fledgling, Saltation, Ghost Ship, Dragon Ship, The Gathering Edge, joining the rest of the characters in Neogenesis

Korval in Exile (continuation of the Agent of Change and Theo Waitley arcs):  Dragon in Exile, Neogenesis, Accepting the Lance, Salvage Right

The Dutiful Passage (traders):  Conflict of Honors, Alliance of Equals, Trader’s Leap, Ribbon Dance

Standalone within the series (takes place around the same time as Dragon in Exile):  Necessity’s Child

Jethri Gobelyn (coming of age, traders, Korval-free):  Balance of Trade, Trade Secret, Fair Trade

Prehistory:  Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon omnibus edition


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