Conventions Attended from 1996

This is by no means a complete list of my/our convention appearances.  I threw away a big handful of con badges sometime in the early 90s, in a Fit of Despond™.  As advertised, these date from 1996.  I’ll get them linked up eventually.

Or not.

Things you need to know about this list:  Steve attended more conventions than I did during this time period, because I had a day-job and they wanted me to actually come to work (what’s with that, exactly?).  The reason this list is here is because I have taken down a Reference Work in my office, which was a wide ribbon stretched along the walls of my office, just below the ceiling line.  On that ribbon were all the badges from the conventions I/we had attended since 1996.  Since the line of ribbons was, indeed, a Reference Work, which was consulted fairly frequently, I wanted to preserve the information, even if I couldn’t preserve the original work.

Boskone 33, Program Participant

LoneStarCon2, 55th WorldCon
AlbaCon ’97, Program Participant

Bucconeer, 56th WorldCon, Program Participant
AlbaCon ’98, Program Participant
SiliCon 3.0, Guest of Honor

Boskone 36, Program Participant (and! Black Hole Casino Dealer)
Nebula Award Weekend, Pittsburgh
InConSequential II/Canvention 19
AlbaCon ’99, Program Participant

SheVaCon 8, Special Guest of Honor
Boskone 37, Program Participant
ReaderCon 12
ChiCon, 58th WorldCon, Program Participant
AlbaCon 2008, Program Participant

Boskone 38, Program Participant
Conquest 32, Program Participant
Millennium PhilCon, 59th WorldCon, Program Participant
AlbaCon 2001, Program Participant

Boskone 39, Program Participant
ConJose, 60th WorldCon, Program Participant
AlbaCon 2002, Guest of Honor

Boskone 40, Program Participant
MarsCon 2003, Guest of Honor
Nebula Award Weekend, Philadelphia
BaltiCon 37, Guest of Honor
TorCon, 61st WorldCon, Program Participant

Boskone 41, Program Participant
Conduit 14, Guest of Honor
Trinoc*Con, Guest of Honor
PortConMaine 2004, Author Guest
Noreascon Four, 62nd WorldCon, Program Participant

SheVaCon, Writer Guest
DragonCon, Guest

COSine 2006, Guest of Honor
Boskone 43, Program Participant

Boskone 44, Program Participant
Penguicon 4.0, Guest of Honor

Boskone 45, Program Participant
Denvention 3, 66th WorldCon, Program Participant
AlbaCon ’08, Program Participant

StellarCon 33, Guest of Honor
Anticipation, 67th WorldCon, Program Participant

Oasis 23, Guest of Honor
Duckon 19, Guest of Honor
BangPop!, Creator Guest

PortConMaine 2011, Writer Guest
Renovation, 69th WorldCon, Program Participant
The Great New England Steampunk Exhibition, Writer Guest of Honor

ChattaCon 37, Guest of Honor
Boskone 49, Program Participant
ConQuest 43, Guest of Honor
Bangor Book Festival, Author Guest

Boskone 50, Program Participant
Book Expo America, Gold Exhibitor Author
PhilCon 2013, Program Participant

Books in Boothbay, Author Guest
PhilCon 2014, Principal Speaker

No conventions

Boskone 53, Program Participant
RavenCon, Writer Guests of Honor
BaltiCon 50, Returning Guests of Honor
MidAmeriCon II

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