Liaden Universe® InfoDumpling: Ghost Ship

Dear Friends of Liad and all the ships at sea.

Following Saltation’s lead, Ghost Ship has sold out its hardcover run from the Simon and Schuster warehouse.  This is very, very cool — but it’s not why we’re writing to you.

No, we’re writing to let you know that, because of the sell-out, the Ghost Ships that are now in stores (and in the warehouses of the superstores) — are all that’s left.

In other words, if you were thinking about giving the gift of Ghost Ship for Christmas, you might want to be buying that now.

Mr. Blyly tells us that Uncle Hugo’s has about 70 SIGNED copies of Ghost Ship in hand.

Ms. Nagle at Constellation Books in Reisterstown, Maryland says she has two UNsigned copies of Ghost Ship on the shelf.

Ms. Richmond at Children’s Book Cellar in our very own Waterville, Maine (kidsbookcellarATmyfairpointDOTnet or 207.872.4543 has several copies of Ghost Ship in the store.  Children’s Book Cellar is our “home” store, and we can arrange to stop by and sign books there.

Ms. Hart at Mysterious Galaxy has seven UNsigned copies of Ghost Ship between the San Diego and the Redondo Beach stores.

All of the above bookstores do mail/email orders.

The mass market edition of Ghost Ship is scheduled for August 2012 release, with Dragon Ship scheduled to appear in September.

And!  Don’t forget that electronic editions of all Lee and Miller novels (except Sword of Orion) may be purchased from the Baen Books website

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