Free Samples!

Unfamiliar with the Liaden Universe®?  Not sure you want to take on a seventeen-book — and growing! — storyverse?

No fears; Lee and Miller are here to help you.

Now, you can sample — by which we mean download two entire novels of the Liaden Universe® — for free!

Yes! Now, you may download free! the very first novel ever written in the Liaden Universe®; the quirky little space opera that started it all — Agent of Change from either the Baen Free Library (available in every format known to man, woman or Turtle) — here’s the link — or, in Kindle format, from Amazon — here’s that link.

But that’s not all!

You may also download at the very same incredibly low price of free!, the first book in the Theo Waitley Sequence — FledglingHere’s the link to the Baen Free Library.  And here’s the link to Amazon.

Yes, yes.  You are, naturally, very much in our debt.  Please, consider that you’ve said everything that is proper — and do enjoy the novels.