Day Off

So, today, I was scheduled for the mammogram following up January’s visit to Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Cancer Center in Bangor.  Happily, the follow-up was done at our local hospital, which is now exactly 3 minutes from our house.  Preliminary reading of the 3D picture indicates no change/no problem, so I get to do it again in December, to see if I’m three times lucky.

After the mammogram, Steve and I took the day off, as, in our opinions, we had earned a day off.  We drove down to Old Orchard Beach (the new house is one! half! hour! closer to the ocean!), where the shape of the beach has changed, under the pressure of the several violent storms over the winter.  We walked a little, observed the progress of the installation of the new rollercoaster in Palace Playland (Sea Viper.  Really?), and eventually drove down to Camp Ellis, where the damage is. . .considerable, and rather shocking.

Eventually, we wound up in Kittery, where we turned around, sort of, arriving in York via back roads, and finally pausing at the Maine Diner for a late lunch of Maine-style crabcake and potato salad.

We paused at the Maine Mall to buy new shoes, which both of us have been needing for some time, and I find to my considerable joy that my beloved Dansko oxfords, which was discontinued several years ago, had merely been taken off the market briefly so that they could be made to accept a variety of orthopedic devices.  They are now back!  And yes, I bought a pair to replace the pair I have been wearing despite I shouldn’t — and also a pair of sneakers, though at that price, I ought to find — ah.  Athletic Shoes.

We are now home, having stopped at the grocery to take on needed supplies, and I’m about to finish my day with some meditation followed by a glass of wine.

Tomorrow, is the rumored delivery of the long-anticipated pantry.  If it does, indeed, arrive, it may be installed by Friday.  *fingers crossed*

Beyond that — tomorrow, we go back to work.

And that? Is all I’ve got.

Everybody have a good evening

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  1. Cancer sucks. Sorry for stating the obvious. Breast cancer really sucks. Again, SSTO. Glad your tests were positive, and most glad you shared and took time for you! Stay positive. It makes a difference. If my mom were still alive she would tell you jokes, play cards and never tell she survived for decades against the odds. Rock on! And stay healthy!

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