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Please note that this is not a complete listing; it’s what we know now.  Now being October 5, 2014.  Things will be added and/or changed around, as more information reaches us.


January 2015

Carousel Seas (Book Three in the Carousel series)
Trade paperback

Cover, Carousel Seas, by Sharon Lee Art by Eric L. Williams
— Art by Eric L. Williams

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June 2015

Dragon in Exile


Dragon in Exile final art by David Mattingly
Dragon in Exile final art
by David Mattingly

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August 2015

A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 3
Trade paperback

Liaden Universe(r) Constellation Number 3 Art by Stephen Hickman
Liaden Universe(r) Constellation Number 3
Art by Stephen Hickman

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Also available as an ebook from |Baen eBooks|
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25 thoughts on “New in 2015”

  1. No, no. For those — we’ve already been busy. Carousel Seas was turned in back in August of 2013, after all. Dragon in Exile is on the fast track, which is somewhat scary, but it, too, has been written and turned in. We may have to patch holes, if the copy/editor(s) identify any, but the bulk of the work is done.

  2. Is there a listing available to us of which stories are in Volume 3 of the Liaden Universe Constellation?


  3. Will we ever see another book on the Balance of Trade characters? I hold out hope that we can see more of Jethri and Miandra’s future(s).

  4. I never bought that short book because the online guide said it was expanded into Balance of Trade. Did I miss something (i.e. I need to buy that too), or are you just joking in reference to the titles? If the latter, then please keep it in mind. Miandra and Jethri are compelling together, and I felt like the 2 books on Jethri hinted/suggested a future connection/story.

  5. Just finished reading Dragon Ship and am hoping you can suggest a proper follow-up to that book. I am sure the saga continues from where Dragon Ship leaves off, but can’t settle in which written book this might happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    With my thanks for such pleasurable reads and a chance to be part of your universe.

  6. Ummmm….If I were you, and assuming you’ve actually read all the books to Dragon Ship, I’d read Necessity’s Child, in preparation for Dragon in Exile, which is the first of the the five-book “sequel” to Dragon Ship.

  7. Sharon, neither Dragon in Exile or A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 3 are being offered on Amazon in Kindle format. Will they be in the near future? I am looking forward to both and very disappointed that they’re not being offered in Kindle as that is all I purchase any more.

  8. They aren’t being offered in Kindle format because the books aren’t out yet. It looks to me like our books are offered by Amazon in Kindle format sometime in the month before the hardcover becomes available. Dragon is a June book, so — May is when I’d start looking for the Kindle edition.

  9. Hi, The Crystal Variation does not seem to be available in Kindle format at Amazon anymore. Will it return? Thanks.

  10. I have been an avid syfy/fantasy reader from childhood. Reading about the Tree and Dragon clan in the Liaden Universe is by far the best read i have had so far. Can’t wait for the next book out. just read dragon in exile. Keep up the good work.

  11. Well…Carousel Tides was sold as a standalone, which I was, with the connivance of the publisher, able to bring out to a trilogy. I think we’ll let it rest there. I’ll probably write short stories set in Archers Beach, now and then, since I can’t seem to break myself of writing short stories, but I’m not looking at adding a fourth book to the trilogy.

  12. I just finished re-reading Tomorrow Log and I’m wondering if, hopefully, there will be a continuation of the story? Love Liaden, love Carousel, but would also love more of Gem and Corbinye.

  13. There’s a book, “Alliance of Equals” listed in the front of “Dragon in Exile”, that doesn’t seem to be listed. Is this a book for 2016? MUST I wait that long for my next fix?

    Also, do you have any plans for another “Carousel Seas” sequel? I know at least three family members that are hoping the answer is “yes”.

  14. Alliance of Equals isn’t listed in the 2015 releases because! It’s scheduled to be released in July 2016. That’s pretty quick, considering we effectively turned in the manuscript on June 1, 2015.

    No plans at the moment for another Carousel novel. It’s a trilogy; I wrote three books, we have parity.

  15. Just finished the Carousel trilogy and it was magnificent. Would love to hear more from Peggy, Breccia, Felsic and Cale and how the new Season goes and how the town changes, etc.

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