Carousel Tides t-shirt

We have information! We have color! We have sizes, and a price!

Because the mock-ups at Black Dog Graphics fade after a few hours, y’all are going to have use your imaginations to put the pieces together.

Here is the shirt. The color is sky, a very bright blue. It is not a ringer tee. This is because ringer tees only go up to 2X, and there was a repeated request for sizes “as large as possible.” For the purposes of Black Dog, that is 5X and the shirt chosen does go from SM-5XL.

This is the gorgeous artwork that will go on the back of the t-shirt.

These are the words that will go on the left breast of the shirt, roughly where the pocket would be on a polo shirt.

The cost of the shirt will be $19, plus $5 shipping within the US and Canada.  International shipping continues to be. . .random, so we’ll have to figure those on an order by order basis.

This is going to be a bootstrap operation — which is to say, I’ll need to have pre-payment with firm orders, just like we did for the original Plan B t-shirts, ‘way back before the rocks cooled.  Once the individual orders are in, I’ll place the large order with Black Dog, then ship from kitchen table.

I’ll leave the ordering open through June 30.  Which is to say, on July 1, you will not be able to order a t-shirt.

By the Numbers:

1.  There is only one color shirt on offer, as above, in sizes from (US) Small to 5XL

2.  If are not a resident of either the US or Canada, you need to write to me before making your order, so we can work out the postage.  You may write to me at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom

3.  You may use the PayPal button below to order.  If you would rather not, you may send me a check via snail-mail.  The check must be in US funds drawn on a US bank, and be made out to Sharon Lee, PO Box 1586, Waterville Maine 04903

4.  If the minimum number of shirts required to make an order with Black Dog is not reached, I will refund the money to those people who did order.

5.  You are pre-ordering, or subscribing, to this t-shirt.  That means it will be some number of weeks between the placing of the order and the arrival of a t-shirt in your mailbox.  PayPal will charge your credit card as soon as you hit that button, so please do understand what you’re doing.

. . .I think that’s everything.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

6. Nope. That’s not everything. PayPal is NOT at the moment adding in the postage. I’m working on it. The problem with the postage not showing up on the invoice should now be fixed. Thanks to everyone who brought it to my attention.


T-shirt ordering is now closed.  Thanks very much to everyone who supported this project!

11 thoughts on “Carousel Tides t-shirt”

  1. Sharon you did not include a postage fee, and I don’t see a way to add it once I log into paypal.

  2. Actually, I did include a postage fee, but PayPal in its Infinite Wisdom refuses to display it. Working on it.

  3. We’ve done similar orders for specialty t-shirt runs. I do believe you covered all the important points.

    Oh, and it’s a *great* shirt! 😀 Are you offering Ladies’ cuts, or just “unisex”?

  4. The art’s super, isn’t it?

    We’re offering unisex only; trying to keep the confusion down to a dull roar…

  5. Is it possible to publish the actual dimensions of the sizes? There is often a lot of variability in sizes.

  6. I didn’t notice the size when I ordered my shirt. It may be for a small but I need a 2XL. How may I change it?

  7. I get next month’s spending money on Friday, so I’ll be coming in just under the wire. I have precisely $13 of “discretionary funds” to last the next day and a half. :o)

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