Liaden Universe® InfoDump # 92

Change of Address
Effective, err, right now the new address for all things Lee and Miller (including SRM Publisher, Splinter Universe, and the inevitable etcetera) is:

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
P.O. Box 1586
Waterville ME  04903-1586

REMINDER:  SRM Publisher Closing
As reported in the previous InfoDump, SRM Publisher is in the process of shutting down.  The retail webpage is no longer accepting orders, and we are working to liquidate the remaining stock with an eye to having the business closed by the end of this year.

Those looking for chapbooks may query Mr. Blyly at Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore or Ms. LeBlanc at The Missing Volume.

We are in the process of transferring much of SRM’s stock to another vendor.  When that process is complete, we will provide details.

Back in print:  The Jen Pierce Maine Mysteries
Sharon has made Barnburner and Gunshy, long out of print, available once again in trade paperback, through Lulu.  The books may be ordered from this page.

For those interested in electronic editions of these same novels, they remain on offer at Fictionwise, here.

Coming Up from Lee and Miller
Remember that the mass market edition of Liaden Universe® novel Mouse and Dragon will be released on October 25 (that’s Tuesday!).  Mouse and Dragon is the sequel to Scout’s Progress, continuing the story of Aelliana Caylon and Daav yos’Phelium.

In case you missed it, the hardcover edition is still available from the Bookseller of Your Choice, and, as always, the electronic edition is available right now! in your favorite format (including Nook, Kindle, and a host of others) from Baen Books.

Also!  The mass market edition of Sharon’s contemporary Maine fantasy Carousel Tides is scheduled for January, 2012.  Or, if you can’t wait, the trade paperback edition is available from Your Favorite Bookseller, and, yep, the electronic edition is available for instant gratification, from Baen Books.

Miss Out on Ghost Ship Signed Copies?
Mr. Blyly has on hand a very few signed copies of the hardcover Ghost Ship.

Distant Early Warning:  Don Blyly intends to work with Baen on a similar project once Dragon Ship’s schedule is finalized — please wait to contact him about Dragon Ship.

Splinter Universe
Content has been added to Splinter Universe, notably four splinters dealing with When Val Con Met Nelirikk.

Watch for brand-new Liaden Universe® story, “The Space at Tinsori Light” before the end of the year.

Pinbeam Books
For a handy listing of all Liaden Universe® and other electronic chapbooks, with the stories that appear in each, and clickable links to vendors, BN, and Smashwords, go here

Support Your Local Bookstore
Uncle Hugo’s:
University Bookstore:
Pandemonium Books:
Missing Volume:
Flights of Fantasy:
Mysterious Galaxy:
Constellation Books:
Children’s Book Cellar:

All of the above folks do mail order and take want lists.

Blogs and Other Webly Things of Note
Theo_Waitley is the discussion group for readers of Fledgling and Saltation:

Where Dragons Rest:

Steve Miller’s blog, Journeyman:

Sharon Lee’s blog, Eagles over the Kennebec:

SRM Publisher blog:

Sharon Lee’s “Professional” blog:

Splinter Universe Discussion List:

Facebook Connections — please feel free to add us! — Steve Miller — Sharon Lee

Liaden Interest Groups on Facebook
Clan Korval:

Friends of Liad:

Flaran chamenthi:

Sharon’s Author Page:
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