Eye Candy

This just in from Madame the Editor.  The artist is, I believe, Stephen Hickman.

*drum roll, please*

The cover art for A Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume Three, coming from Baen in August 2015:

Cover A Liaden Universe(R) Constellation Volume 3 --Art by Steve Hickman
Cover A Liaden Universe(R) Constellation Volume 3
–Art by Steve Hickman

For those who are curious, here’s the table of contents

Authors’ Foreword
Code of Honor
Guaranteed Delivery
Intelligent Design
Out of True
Roving Gambler
King of the Cats
Kin Ties
The Rifle’s First Wife
The Space at Tinsori Light
Landed Alien
Moon’s Honor
Quick Working Glossary

In which the people have spoken

. . .and that’s that.

Yesterday, after having ourselves Spoken early at the polls, we decided to make a day of it, since a day doing Something was better than a day spent obsessively checking the news.  We therefore had breakfast at Governor’s before hitting the interstate and heading south, the mp3 player jacked into Kineo’s sound system so we didn’t have to listen to any more political ads.

I have learned that Kineo the Wonder Subaru will pop a discreet warning light when I have 75 miles left on my current tank of gas, which is good to know.  The range for the  tank is about 500 miles.  Which is not only good to know, but downright amazing.

Once we were actually in the South, we did some scoping out of the Sanford-Springvale-Rochester NH megaplex, had a nice, light lunch at Green Tea and come home by way of Wells and Kennebunkport.  I tried to get a photo of the seals on the rocky island off of Wells Beach, but — no luck.

For congoing folk:  Remember that Lee and Miller will be Principal Speakers at PhilCon.   We will not only be giving a speech — which is a thing I do but rarely, so you know you want to hear this one — but we will — rather, our traveling companions will be hosting a Teddy Bear Tea* on Saturday, November 22 at 11 a.m.  Coffee, tea, cookies will be served, so bring your favorite stuffed animal to share an hour of refinement, relaxation and camaraderie.

Even if you don’t like tea, or plushies, do plan on coming to PhilCon.  Artist GOH this year is Bob Eggleton; Special Guest is Kyle Cassidy.  In addition, dozens of other writers, and artists will be present.  There will be readings! panels! a dealers room full of all kinds of Amazing Stuff! and an art show to die for.

Really, you can’t miss this.

In Dragon in Exile news, there had been two requests.

One for a blurb/synopsis of the book.  Here’s that link (thanks to Chris Meadows for finding it).

Two for information about the availability of limited edition prints of the Dragon in Exile cover.  I wrote to Mr. Mattingly and he says that there will be prints available when he’s through with the final painting (Dragon in Exile will have a wrap-around cover, and he needs to finish up what will become the back panel).  When complete, the prints will be 13×19, formatted horizontally.  He estimates that he’ll be done with the final in two weeks.  If you’d like a print, you can write directly to David Mattingly at:  davidATdavidmattinglyDOTcom.

. . .and I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print.


*Not limited to Teddy Bears, all plushy friends are welcome.  Among the attendees of the Teddy Bear Tea at PenguiCon was a pink plush triangle wearing sunglasses.

* * *

Progress on Alliance of Equals
16,310/100,000 OR 16.31% Complete

 Now, on Liad, they would say: There are fifty High Houses.

Now, on Liad, they would say: A Dragon does not change its nature.

I was born, six-gun in my hand


It’s quite warm here in Central Maine, which I suppose I should appreciate, if only for the savings in oil.

All of my mail programs are now talking nicely to the new email protocol.  I’d hate to tell you how long it took me to finish my bit, after Steve did the hard part.  Let’s just say it took a Warren Zevon concert on youtube to get me to the other side.

This morning, we went out early to Skowhegan, to admire the repaired Indian, He Who Watches, and for Steve to see the eye doctor.  The morning was damp, and, as mentioned, warm; and the leaves stood out nicely.  (Here’s a link for those who are interested in more detail regarding the Skowhegan Indian.)

Tomorrow, Steve has long-scheduled outpatient procedure.  Don’t know exactly when tomorrow — the hospital doesn’t want to disclose too early — but tomorrow, for sure; they promise.

In the meanwhile, I have galleys to read.  The galleys will of course be going with me to the hospital tomorrow, and I’m hoping to make my Monday deadline by emailing pdfs of the corrected pages to the publisher.

So, that.

In other news, and as reported yesterday for them what indulges, the eARC for Carousel Seas is now available for purchase and download from Baen.  Here’s the link.

For those waiting for the paper book, and who also would like to have their book signed and/or personalized, there is a deadline approaching for personalizations, pre-ordered from Uncle Hugo’s.  Here’s your link.

And, with Mozart’s Enthusiastic Support™ from the top of the file cabinet, I’m going back to work.

Mozart displaying Enthusiastic Support of my efforts.
Mozart displaying Enthusiastic Support of my efforts.


Today’s blog title brought to you by Bad Company, singing “Bad Company.”  Here’s your link.

Who put the penny in the fuse box?

Thanks to everyone for their timely suggestions regarding timepieces!  I have Ebayed, and a new watch will be with me next Tuesday (Monday being, of course, a bank-and-post-office holiday.  Do you know where your Christopher Columbus costume is?)

A couple people asked if I just can’t have the crystal replaced — which was, in fact, my first thought, coming as I do from a generation where things that got broken were repaired.  The local jewelry repair shop, however, threw up its hands and claimed there was nothing to be done; and the Dakota warranty only covers the watch’s innards, not the band, clip, crystal, or stem.  Something to bear in mind the next time you buy a Dakota watch.

In the meantime, I’m moving forward with an Archers Beach short story, and will likely be posting an outtake from Carousel TIDES (that’s the first book in the trilogy) on Splinter Universe sometime later today, just to get us all in the mood for Carousel SEAS (that’s the third book in the trilogy.  For completists, Carousel SUN is the middle book.)

SPEAKING OF CAROUSEL SEAS:  Time’s running out to preorder your very own signed and/or personalized copy.  Here’s how to do that.

Everybody caught up?


I’m off to do some housekeeping, including the ever-popular left-handed vacuuming, since my right hand is still kicking up a fit.

What’re you doing that’s fun today?


Pre-order SIGNED copies of Carousel Seas NOW

The Uncle has once again come through, for those of you who have been waiting and wondering when you can pre-order your signed copy of Carousel Seas, the Thrilling Conclusion to the Archers Beach Trilogy by Sharon Lee.  Carousel Seas will be published in January*, in trade paper format. Awesome cover art is by Eric L. Williams.

I have had some folks ask me why they should bother buying from Uncle Hugo’s, which charges “extra” (by which they mean “full price”), and here’s the answer:  You don’t have to bother buying from Uncle Hugo’s; follow your bliss; buy from whatever store or vendor you like best.  However, if you want a signed and/or personalized copy of Carousel Seas, Uncle Hugo’s is your only source.

So!  The Rules, and Links:

* You may now pre-order a signed copy of Carousel Seas from Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore via this link

*You may also, for a limited time, have your pre-ordered signed book personalized.  “Personalized” means you ask the author to write something special on the title page in addition to their name.  These can be as simple as, “To Marge,” and as complex as “To Marge in memory of that night in Seattle.”  Fair Warning: I, as the Signing Author reserve the right not to inscribe a book with a personalization I find to be, in my sole judgment:  (1) offensive, (2) too long, (3) anything else.  You will use the Special Instructions box on the order form to write out your personalization — Please check your spelling, ’cause I’m going to assume that you’ve typed it out exactly as you want it.

*There is a deadline involved if you want your pre-ordered signed copy of Carousel Seas personalized.  That deadline is November 15, 2014.  So you need to do this now.

*There will only be a limited number of signed copies of Carousel Seas available, they will only be available through Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore in Minneapolis.  The exact number of signed copies available depends upon how many are pre-ordered.  So, sooner is better than later to order, if you want a signed copy.

**Here’s the link again.

Thanks very much for  your interest and support.

*For the purposes of this discussion, I am using “publish” to mean PUBLISHED IN PAPER FORMAT.  Obviously, the eARC and the eBook editions will be published somewhat soon, same like always.

**The Uncle is doing me — and you! — a pretty substantial favor here, so please be courteous. While you’re there, look at the Lee-and-Miller page, to make sure you have All the Books!  And!  Look around the place a little, why not?  There might be Even More Cool Books that you’ve missed.

Win the Carousel Sun audiobook

Well, Audible has kindly provided me with ten codes that, in the right hands, will each automagically become a free Carousel Sun audiobook.

All I have to do is figure out how to get them into the right hands.

So!  Here’s what we’re going to do.

My birthday is this coming Thursday.  You know and I know that what I’ll be doing on my birthday is slaving over a hot manuscript, but! that begs the Important Question, which is. . .

What OUGHT I to be doing on my birthday?

Plan my birthday celebration for me in comments!  Top ten celebrations each win one of these codes good for a free audiobook of Carousel Sun, the sequel to Carousel Tides; the second book in the Archers Beach Trilogy by Sharon Lee!

Contest closes at 12:01 am EDT on Friday, September 12.

Given that I will be slaving over a hot manuscript, let’s say that I’ll award the prizes by Sunday, September 14.

Have at it!

Exciting Times at the Confusion Factory

Steve has revealed a little more of his clever plan to bring Quicksliver to life.  Go here and read all about it!

Also!  The Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance has released the list of finalists for the 2014 Maine Literary Awards.  Among them?  Necessity’s Child by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  Here’s the whole list and details regarding the May 29 awards ceremony in Portland, Maine.