Mozart of Kennebec, March 1, 1998 – February 9, 2015



We let Mozart go today.  He was just shy of his 18th birthday, and had shared 11 of those years with us.  He was a good friend, gentle, and interested in all things, even That Reading Thing, which he had to learn to care about.

The house is very quiet tonight.

I will ask people not to post the Rainbow Bridge poem.  We’ve read it many times, by now.


29 thoughts on “Mozart of Kennebec, March 1, 1998 – February 9, 2015”

  1. Sharon and Steve and family,
    I am sorry for your loss. (trite phrase, trite phrase, damn!) I grieve.

  2. Love you both. And hugs, that is really hard no matter how tired or ill they are. You gave him a wonderful life.

  3. Thank you for sharing so many of his stories with us, and for giving him such a happy, comfy home.

  4. They leave paw prints all over our hearts, don’t they. Hugs and headbutts from us to you. Thank you for allowing us to glimpse his life with you!

  5. There are no words. From one long time Kitty Parent to two others, I feel the pain and sorrow of letting go. Many good thoughts, prayers and wishes to your whole family.

  6. I am Very sorry for your loss. May you & Steve find a measure of comfort in your sweet memories and in each other.

  7. May he run free across the Summerlands, and be waiting for you if you need him, when it is your turn to go. May you always be comforted by his furry presence in your hearts.

  8. So sorry for your loss. My 19 yr old is about to cross that bridge, and it’s so hard to let them go. Mozart was such a handsome boy, and I know you gave him as much joy as he gave you.

  9. So very sorry. Having just gone through this myself in September, I know very well how wrenching it is to say goodbye.

  10. My sympathies to all in your household, humans and cats alike. Please take extra special care of yourselves during this difficult time.

  11. So very sorry. He was so beautiful and his pictures showed a cat who knew the wisdom of the ages.

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